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Local Plan Review Issues and Options Regulation 18

The Council is undertaking a review of its Local Plan (2006-2028), adopted in March 2015.

Closed 26 Oct 2017 11 Jan 2018

Historic Environment Strategy

South Somerset District Council has a statutory duty to conserve and enhance the historic environment. Policy EQ3 (Environmental Quality) of South Somerset District Council Local Plan (2006-2028) requires the Council to produce a Historic Environment Strategy (HES) to ensure the highest possible standard of development through the area. The HES will act as a guide when assessing development in relation to historic environment and the Council’s expectation for the management of designated and non-designated assets in the district.

Closed 14 Oct 2016 25 Nov 2016

South Somerset District Council - Community Infrastructure Levy

South Somerset District Council - Community Infrastructure Levy_Draft Charging Schedule Consultation Document

Closed 10 Feb 2016 24 Mar 2016

South Somerset District Council Statement of Community Involvement

South Somerset District Council Statement of Community Involvement - Draft for Consultation

Closed 20 Aug 2015 02 Oct 2015

Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan (2006 - 2028): Main Modifications - August 2014

Closed 28 Aug 2014 10 Oct 2014


The Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan 2006-2028 is currently undergoing examination by an independently appointed Planning Inspector. The Council's Proposed Main Modifications are being presented for public consultation so that the Inspector can consider both the Council's proposals to ensure a sound plan in the light of his expressed concerns in his letter of 3rd July 2013, and stakeholder, objector and others' views on these Proposed Main Modifications.

Closed 28 Nov 2013 10 Jan 2014


The Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan is the new name for the South Somerset Core Strategy. It reflects changes made to the draft Core Strategy to take on board comments made, new evidence obtained and new Government policy. It is to be consulted on and then submitted to the Planning inspectorate for independent assessment together with those comments made on it during the consultation.

Closed 28 Jun 2012 10 Aug 2012

Draft Core Strategy - Yeovil Traffic Modelling Report February 2011

This consultation is limited to those who made responses to the Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) regarding traffic concerns related to the location of the Eco Town extension to Yeovil.

Complete 04 Mar 2011 15 Apr 2011

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

South Somerset District Council is at a key draft stage in producing its Core Strategy, the fundamental strategic planning document of the Local Development Framework. The Draft Core Strategy sets out policies and proposals for development for the District up to 2026.

Complete 08 Oct 2010 03 Dec 2010

Core Strategy Issues and Options Consultation - Satisfaction Questionnaire

We would like you to answer a short questionnaire in order to help ensure that we are engaging you in the planning process in the most effective ways possible.

Complete 08 Aug 2008 05 Sep 2008